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In the 21st century society, shoppers’ demands for the cost-effectiveness of products have been increased. A sound procurement and distribution system is needed in order to constantly improve the quality of the products while at the same time lower the prices of the products. As a result, SHOPSHOP is born!

SHOPSHOP, a Malaysia online shopping and online boutique website consisting of a variety of women’s fashion goods, is specially created to provide both domestic and international products in order to meet the needs of individual customers.


Our Online Beauty & Fashion Boutique


Although SHOPSHOP is new to Malaysia’s e-commerce shopping, we are always at the peak of online fashion & online beauty and would never stop to move forward. As a group of passionate workers, SHOPSHOP is willing to give out the best to women who live life with elegance. We offer a wide variety of beauty and skincare products, in example Beauty Diary Mask (我的美麗日記), Naruko Skincare, Skin79, Beauty Maker and others.

In order to enable consumers to shop online happily without any worries, SHOPSHOP would only sell the products which are under thorough evaluations, including reviews provided by different users. We also try to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products so that you would be rest assured to enjoy shopping here at SHOPSHOP. Finally, we would like you to purchase again at SHOPSHOP as we accompany each other to live our life with elegance.

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